Be Virtually Active!!


It is vital to have on and off activity for fans of your Facebook page. Otherwise an idle page is of no benefit.  After each competition give some time to fans to settle down and once you sense calm and idleness from them, come up with a new activity.

One easy activity is to keep posting material that might be indirectly related to promoting your product. For example, for one of our cosmetic brand we upload an interactive as well as attractive photo album each week. It mostly have 1 or 2 good looking model’s picture along few pictures of food, fruits and vegetables that have always been good for healthy living and glowing skin, we caption each picture with its benefits for attaining same beauty as that of the model in the picture which attracts male and female fans alike.


One such event that we launched for one of our clients was “Make the Ad” competition. We asked our fans to make an electronic ad about one of our product. We announced attractive gifts for winners and runner ups. That worked really well as a marketing tool for our clients and we received numerous ads. In order to indulge with fans further we asked our fans to vote for top 8 ads. Again, the voting lead to engaging fans who themselves were not directly related to the competition. This activity was extended till more than a month which gained us thousands of fans and also generated lively interaction.



One of our most successful contests that we did for our client came with an opportunity for fans as well. We held a “Model Hunt” contest and gave the aspiring models to take advantage of the competition and market themselves. In doing that we also marketed our brand and its product. Once more we used the tool of voting for the best contestant to engage those fans who were not taking part in the competition but they did participate by giving their views and comments.




Timeliness also plays a very crucial role. It is important to take benefit of recent event or festivals that are being celebrated. One such recent example is of Valentine’s Day. As the day approaches many brands come out with or launches a campaign that is relate it with this day and hence it generates maximum response. That’s what we did with one of our client’s page. We launched a competition in which we asked the fans to send us their Valentine Greetings; the one with most “likes” will win the competition. We also asked the participants to share and promote their greeting in order to get more votes which in return were beneficial for us, as with in the span of two days, our fan list was increased by 3,000 fans. This gave our brand’s page a boost of new customers and brand exposure as well.


So the question in the end is if you build a fan page with plenty of quality content, would your fans  come and would they stay? The answer is they will come and they will stay ONLY if you give your fans good reason to engage and keep them active.


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