Be Virtually Social ….

Over the past few years Facebook has witnessed a remarkable rise in new user s and with that rise has come the opportunity for brands to interact directly with existing customers and connect to new ones. Fan pages allow you to brand your business, use your logo and customize your “style” just as you would a website. With this extremely valuable tool available to you, you can keep your brand consistent across the board as it relates to all aspects of your online presence. There are numerous ways for brands to market themselves on Facebook by having a single “Fan” page.


Your brand’s fan page allows you to have an unlimited number of “fans”.  Some celebrity fan pages number into the thousands and even millions of fans.If the brand is coming up with a new promotions, products or campaigns what better way then to update your fans on individually by sending an update to their inbox. Also, your Facebook fan page permits you to have a more personal communication with your fans than you can have through your website.

Creating a fan page, generating a promotion and sitting back will not lead to success. One needs to make sure you engage your fans/customers as well. Only then can the brands get their desired marketing results.

When fans “like” brand’s page they need to be provided with content or activities to keep them active on the page. You can share content, videos, photos, run contests, ask questions, create polls etc. This interaction will build relationships with your fans which is your target market.  Encouraging interaction and building a sense of community will ensure that they keep coming back. Otherwise, having a fan page without interaction or fan’s input will lead to nothing. Just a dead end.

To keep your page alive it is important to launch an interactive activity every day. Easiest way to do that is by updating a status daily. The status can be a general one or related to your product as well. For example, a cosmetic brand can give single line beauty tip each day to keep its fan interested. Brand also introduces various competitions with give aways to keep the fans interested. Brands or businesses can also introduce online catalog of their products which provide the information to fans by just a single click of the mouse.

The lasted social media boom can not be ignored. It is like having an amazing advertising campaign without paying a penny. All the tools and applications used are totally FREE of cost and the best part is getting their share of rewards instantly.


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