Market in a Timely Manner – II

Most of the viewers might have noticed the recent wave of advertisements with world cup theme in Pakistan prior to Cricket World Cup 2011. A lot of brands came with ads that were solely cricket oriented just to get the maximum feedback and viewership. From fizzing drinks to different phone services companies everyone hopped on to bandwagon to get most of the world cup season.

Below are few adverts that were made exclusively for cricket world cup 2011:

Cheetah By Servis:

Cheetah by Servis has been endorsed by the leading cricket hero of the nation Shahid Afridi. keeping in Initially, they came up with a tag line “Humara Cheetah” right after Pakistan won the first match. Later on afetr each match Servis came up with different tag line to suit the situation. They changed the tagline from “Humara Cheetah” to “Phir Humara Cheetah” and with each passing match it kept changing which caught quite a lot of attention of viewers. Below are couple of more examples as well:

As you can read how the tagline has been changed accordingly. The first says “Cheetah wins!! Windies gone with the wind” , its was published the very next day after Pakistan beat Westendies in the quarter final of the World- Cup to make it to the semis. The second one was published in the time when there was a break of few days before the big match between Pakistan and India. It said “From Kangroo’s steak to vegetable curry!! Cheetah eats all” , along with text saying ‘Mohali here we come. which is directly reffering to Pakistan India as it was to take place in Mohali.

Cheetah also came up with an electronic advert with Shahid Afridi. Click one the link below to view it.


Pepsi has always been very active when comes to adversing by hiring sports personalties. Realizing the cricket fever Pepsi came up with and electronic ad with top 5 players of Pakistan cricket team; Shahi Afridi, Shoaib Akhter, Umar Gul, Abdul Razzaq and Younis Khan.

This lead to various print ads with regard to the electronic ad. For example;

Younis Khan with the lead actor from the ad

Abdul Razzaq, Shahid Afridi and Umar Gul

Shahid Afridi and Umar Gul with the lead actor

As Pakistan progressed through to the semis final beating other teams Pepsi customized its tag line to catch the customers attention. First, they changed the punch line to “Kaha tha na World cup ke liye muje bhi saath lay chalo” after Pakistan defeat to New Zealand and then Pepsi also came up with new ads.

Print Ad after Pakistan beat Westendies to qualify to Semi Final

They came up with a pre semi final electronic ads as well. Pepsi took a clip from T2O World-cup match between Pakistan and India with Indian captain Dhoni getting bowled by Umar Gul as the ad ended there is punch line which says “Kuch Yaad Aya?? “. Hence, directly pointing out at the much talked about mother of all matches i.e Pakistan Vs India.

Below are some more examples




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