Brand Marketing through Facebook Fan Pages!!

The lasted social media boom cannot be ignored. Over the past few years Facebook has witnessed a remarkable rise in new users. Right now Facebook has more than 500 million users and with that mount has come the opportunity for brands to amalgamate directly with existing customers and connect to new ones through Facebook fan pages. It is like having an amazing advertising campaign without paying a penny. All the tools and applications used are totally FREE of cost and the best part is getting their share of rewards instantly.

Fan pages allow you to brand your business, use your logo and customize your page style just as you would to your website. With this extremely valuable tool available, you can keep your brand stable across the board as it relates to all aspects of your online presence. There are numerous ways for brands to promote themselves on Facebook by having a single “Fan” page.

Your brand’s fan page allows you to have an unlimited number of “fans”. Some Facebook fan pages have thousands and even millions of fans. As per the latest statistic Facebook page Texas Hold’em Poker tops the list of having the most number of fans, which 43,552,626 fans. While the fan page for Facebook itself is at 2nd spot with 41,951,143 fans, Rap / Hip-Hop star Eminem takes the 3rd place with 37,420,794 fans, followed by pop star, Lady Gaga and YouTube; the video sharing website, with more than 35 million fans each. Hence, if any promotional update is posted on anyone these pages it appears in the news feed of each fan. Imagine how easy it is to reach out to millions of people with your message by just having a single fan page.

Creating a fan page, generating a promotion and sitting back will not lead to success. It requires constant monitoring and updating. One needs to make sure to engage the fans/customers as well. Only then can the brands get their desired marketing results.

When fans “like” a certain brand’s page they need to be provided with content or activities to keep them active on the page. You can share content, videos, photos, run contests, ask questions, create polls etc. Photos and contests are great interaction tools, and having contest, posting stories and articles also add lots of value to the community. This interaction will build relationships with your fans which is your target market. Encouraging interaction and building a sense of community will ensure that they keep coming back. Making sure they post, like and comment on your page. Otherwise, having a fan page without interaction or fan’s input will lead to nothing. Just a dead end.

To keep your page alive it is important to launch an interactive activity every day. Facebook has provided and is coming up with new interesting tabs and tools which can be utilized by the brands for maximum out reach. Easiest way to do that is by updating a status daily. The moment you update a status it goes in the news feed of your fans. The more engaging your status update, the greater the chances of having interaction on it, in form of “like” and comments. As soon as your fans interact on your update their friends on Faceebook will see it in their newsfeed as well and therefore, greater word-of-mouth marketing for your business in return.

Keep it short and simple. The shorter your communication the easier it is for your fans to read, the more likely it is for them to respond. Keep your status updates short and simple. Facebook allows you have up to 420 characters per update, but it is recommended to keep half of that for an ideal size. For longer updates, one can use the Notes app or write a blog post and update. Do the same for any kind of advertising campaign. If you are introducing any contest make its communication simple and to the point.

Be straight with your fans. Use the word “you” more often “What do you think?”, “What are your thoughts?” etc. This makes customers/fans feel valued, respected and included. They would like to participate in activities on your page and make their presence felt. Most people will come back to your fan page only if there’s a real sense of community.

Contests are one of the most effective ways of keeping your fans interested and engaged. Introduce various competitions with giveaway to keep the fans involved. Contests that include giveaway can be excellent marketing tools. Brands or businesses can also introduce online catalog of their products which will provide the information to fans by just a single click of the mouse.
Be timely, a study found that daily Facebook engagement has three peaks: early morning (7 a.m. EST), after work (5 p.m. EST) and late at night (11 p.m. EST). Therefore, posting all of your updates during the workday means you’re missing key prospects to engage fans at non-work hours. However, not all brands’ rendezvous hit the highest point at these three times. It does vary from brand to brand and also what is the category of their fans. Get to know when your fans are most responsive. Depending on in which part of the world the majority of your fans are, you might want to post between 9:00am and 2:00pm in your time zone.
Do your best to respond to fan wall posts as punctually as possible, at least within 24 hours or so. By leaving your fans unanswered might discourage them to contribute any further and you, as a brand, wouldn’t want that.

Use the apps provided. Facebook recently introduced a new Question application. It helps you have surveys, random interaction, fan’s views and suggestion in shorter span of time.
Make sure you don’t overdo it. Try keeping maximum three to four updates a day. Preferred number is just two updates in a day. Otherwise your fans might restrict your post their news feed and hence they won’t be getting any information of the promotional activity you do.
Acknowledge your fans often with simple thanks. Come up with nice thanking poster for a successful contest or for hitting a certain number of fans list. Appreciation always bears a positive response.
Hence, there is no denying the fact that Facebook pages are breeding foundation for excellent feedback and engagement with your customers. It’s simple and always available. Many people are starting to find that Facebook pages have excellent discussions and high interaction rates, oftentimes higher other social network. Thus, get your business a Facebook fan page pronto!! It’s for FREE after all.

By Socialyzd

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